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Crossbeam is free to set up and works with your existing systems for a fast, painless onboarding experience. Read on to learn how it all comes together.

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How Crossbeam Works

Step 1 Connect your data.

In just a few clicks, Crossbeam securely integrates with your existing systems. We support dozens of popular data sources including the leading CRMs, data warehouses, and even CSVs.

Step 2 Create populations.

Populations are groups of people or companies in your data. Whether it's your existing customer base, active sales opportunities, target accounts, or other segments of your data, our intuitive interface makes them easy to define and keeps them updated automatically.

Step 3 Partner up!

It's like LinkedIn for data. Find and connect with the companies in your partner ecosystem in just a few clicks. If they're not on Crossbeam yet, we'll roll out the red carpet and get them onboarded for free.

Step 4 Grow.

Once connected, you and your partners can analyze the overlaps in your populations, configure custom data sharing rules, and take action on the results. Data sharing can be custom-configured at every level, by partner, population, overlap, and field. Check out our common use cases for more details.

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