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What is Crossbeam?

Crossbeam is a SaaS platform that helps companies create more data-driven partnerships. It is an escrow service for data, allowing companies to find overlapping customers and prospects while keeping the rest of their data private and secure. Not only can Crossbeam help you prioritize the right partners to work with, it can also help you measure the impact those partnership programs have on your business.

We're not a co-op, PRM, or marketplace. We're the world's first true Partner Success platform.

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How Crossbeam Works

Most partnerships encounter the Prisoner's Dilemma problem when trying to share data. Crossbeam changes the game by allowing companies to find key overlaps without oversharing. Simply connect your existing systems, team up with partners, surface key insights, and take action on the results.

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Connecting Your Data

Crossbeam connects directly to CRM systems, billing platforms, and other systems of record for sales and customer data. Most clients get everything they need by connecting their CRM system in just a few clicks. We also support CSV uploads for those who prefer to manually load in their data.

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Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Trust is one of Crossbeam's core values. We invest heavily and consistently in the privacy, security, and compliance of our platform. This includes maintaining SOC 2 compliance, conducting frequent security audits by outside vendors, and offering a GDPR-compliant DPA to our clients.

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Joining Crossbeam is completely free. Your free account allows you to connect data, establish partnerships, view overlap counts, and share data with your partners. You pay only when you want to see the data that is shared with you. Read more about Crossbeam pricing.

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