Tech Partners That Move the Needle Use Crossbeam to build a data-driven tech partner ecosystem. Then scale it, drive revenue, and measure success.

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Winning Tech Partnerships

Tech partnerships aren't just about writing code. You need to pick the right partners, reach the right audience, and create attributable go-to-market success. Learn more on our blog or read on below to see the benefits of using Crossbeam to scale a world-class tech partner program.

Create a data-driven partner lifecycle.

Use Crossbeam to measure the total addressable market of your partnership, collaborate with partners to target shared customers and prospects, and measure the impact of your collaboration on sales and product adoption over time.

Only share what’s necessary.

No more swapping spreadsheets of all of your customers. Crossbeam hides your non-overlapping data, allowing you to share what matters with each partner but keep the rest secure.

Effectively allocate your dev resources.

Stop building integrations that no one will use. Make the most of your engineering team’s precious time by sizing up the potential user base and expansion opportunity of any new integration.

Make your partnerships sticky.

Successful integrations = account expansion. Using Crossbeam to scale tech partnerships can drive your retention and expansion KPIs in the right direction.

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