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Partner Revenue Attribution

See partner influence at every stage of your revenue funnel. Review your closed deals to identify how and when partner relationships were in play. Quantify the benefits of a partner-influenced deal.

Shared sales funnels.

Map every deal in your funnel against the funnels of your partners. Track progression on both sides and measure the wins where partner relationships were in play.

Quantify partner value.

Segment the closed deals that overlapped with partner customer sets or sales processes. Compare them to the rest to quantify benefits in close rates, timelines, ACV, and more.

Measure your external impact.

Track the deals you helped your partners win to quantify your impact on their partnership efforts. Use this data to unlock market development funds and achieve balance in your collaboration.

Discover New Partners

With thousands of potential partners and tech integrations out there, how do you know you're focusing on the right ones? Crossbeam helps you assess and rank the potential value of future partnerships.

Data first.

Evaluate the addressable market of shared customers, leads, opportunities, and prospects before making costly investments.

No partner burden.

Onboard your partners with a simple one-click invitation. They connect and share data for free, yielding you instant results with minimal roadblocks.

Full lifecycle benefits.

For partners who enter your ecosystem, grow your use of Crossbeam to track your collaboration around leads, deals, and customers.

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