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Tech Integration Success

Make sure every shared customer is using the tech integrations you build. Prioritize future integrations based on real data.

Achieve 100% adoption.

Identify every shared customer who is not yet using your tech integration, and coordinate actions that convert them to users.

Speed up onboarding.

Track the universe of new shared clients over time to ensure that every new potential user gets your integration set up from the start.

Maximize integration ROI.

Tech integrations create value for customers and make both products more sticky. Building it is only a small piece of the puzzle, and Crossbeam helps with the rest.

Pick winners.

Understand the makeup of your shared customer base before you start building or investing. Make sure you're building for the exact audiences you value.

Product Personalization

Use knowledge from partners to create a streamlined customer experience.

Real-time profiling.

Use API calls to Crossbeam to identify users who are already using your partners' products.

Relevant content.

Deliver personalized menus, filters, and experiences based on this knowledge. Prioritize the content that is most relevant to the products they use.

Drive adoption and retention.

Product integrations increase retention. Create loyal users by increasing the number of third party integrations they set up in your product.

Audit Revshare and Reseller Partners

Know when your customers have made purchases from your revshare or reseller partners. Collect on the revenue share you've earned.

Get your partners on board.

No oversharing required. Crossbeam will only reveal the overlaps, meaning your partners can keep the rest of their customer list a secret.

Roll it up.

Get visibility into conversion dates, transaction amounts, and any other data points your partners are willing to share. Build reports that roll up the results to compare against your actual collections.

Instant results.

No need to wait for quarterly reports. Know how your earnings are tracking in real time, improving forecasting and getting you out in front of any issues.

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