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Qualified Leads Crossbeam increases quality and quantity at the top of your funnel.

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Ecosystem Qualified Leads

At the intersection of your target accounts and your partners' customers lies a wealth of information, introductions, and new revenue opportunities.

Collaborate directly in Crossbeam.

Reach out to your partners when there is an overlap. Discuss and take action without ever leaving Crossbeam—or push the info to Slack or Salesforce.

Set it and forget it.

Crossbeam automatically generates large numbers of ecosystem qualified leads (EQLs) by finding overlaps between your target account lists and your partners' customers.

The Glengarry leads.

Partner introductions generate high-quality leads. Their relationships can provide qualification, trust, and context from the very first contact.

Empower your sales team.

Surface new leads directly into Slack and Salesforce, giving your sales team instant access. Or, for more control, get an email alert sent directly to you and no one else.

Ecosystem-influenced revenue.

Drastically increase the amount of revenue influenced by your partner ecosystem. Measure that impact by tracking deals from EQL to close in Crossbeam.

Avoid Channel Conflict

No one wins when your direct sales team goes up against your channel partners. Avoid this conflict by identifying overlapping targets at the top of your funnel. Both sides keep their non-overlapping pipelines private and secure.

Avoid conflict sooner.

Flag potential conflict early in the funnel to avoid costly and embarrassing conflict situations.

Secrets stay secret.

Most of your data doesn't overlap, and that data stays secret. Configurable data sharing rules mean you can pick the precise situations in which overlaps are detected and flagged.

Find out instantly.

Create email notifications or in-app alerts to notify you every time new overlaps are identified.

Drill down.

Avoid false positives by only comparing data segments matching certain products, regions, sales reps, and more. Configure these rules on a partner-by-partner basis.

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