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What is an EQL?

Ecosystem qualified leads are net new leads that come directly from partners in your ecosystem, typically through data-sharing. Read more on our blog or check out the benefits creating EQLs with Crossbeam below.

The Glengarry leads.

Partner introductions and insights generate high-quality leads. Their relationships can provide qualification, trust, and context from the very first contact.

Data where you need it most.

Surface new leads directly into Salesforce, Slack, or your data warehouse, giving your sales team instant access. Or, for more control, get an email alert sent directly to you or the account owner when new activity occurs.

Set it and scale.

Crossbeam automatically identifies new ecosystem qualified leads (EQLs) anytime your target list overlaps with your partners’ data. Your lead list grows automatically with your ecosystem, your data, and your partners’ success.

Collaborate with Threads.

Use Crossbeam’s in-app partner messaging to communicate with partners when there is an overlap. Discuss and take action without ever leaving Crossbeam — and generate a helpful log of interactions for attribution.

Measure partner-influenced revenue.

Drastically increase the amount of revenue influenced by your partner ecosystem. Measure that impact by tracking deals from EQL to close in Crossbeam.

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