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Due Diligence

Crossbeam adds speed and security to your due diligence process by putting the relevant data in play and keeping the rest under wraps.

Get more data sooner.

Raise the comfort level of your targets, even prior to a term sheet, by using Crossbeam as a "data escrow service" for finding overlapping accounts.

Slice and dice.

Segment your target's data by dimensions in your own data set, allowing you to categorize their accounts by size, market, geography, or other key properties.

Share it back.

Win competitive deals by sharing overlap data back to the target. This can provide your target with a lens into how and why your organization is best positioned for post-acquisition growth.

Sales Data Integration

Closing an acquisition is only step one. What comes next - the painstaking process of integrating teams and systems - can last years. Crossbeam shortcuts your path to synergy by sharing CRM data between teams from day one.

Align your teams.

Give your existing sales reps visibility into the leads, opportunities, and clients of your recently acquired company -- and vice versa.

A speedy stopgap.

Don't miss out on cross-selling opportunities while you wait for the full CRM migration to complete. Crossbeam gets you up-and-running fast, giving you a lens into your overlapping sales funnels while you wait for any systems migrations to complete.

All systems go.

Even if your company uses a different CRM platform than the acquired company, Crossbeam still works. We standardize data into a common format that can be compared and shared across platforms.

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