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Modernizing Channel Partnerships

Channel partner programs are as old as time, but the best practices for running them have evolved. Learn more about channel partnerships on our blog or read below to learn how Crossbeam can help your channel partner ecosystem become best-in-class.

Channel Sales 2.0.

Get real-time forecasting visibility into your channel sales. Eliminate conflict early and take lead assignments and deal registration to a whole new level.

Avoid channel conflict.

No one wins when your direct sales team goes up against your channel partners. Avoid this conflict by identifying overlapping targets at the top of your funnel. Both sides keep their non-overlapping pipelines private and secure.

Next-gen lead registration.

No more trickle of leads as they are manually entered through your partner portal. Crossbeam can help your partners identify new leads at scale - and submit them in bulk!

Secrets stay secret.

Most of your data doesn't overlap, and that data stays secret. Configurable data sharing rules mean you can pick the precise situations in which overlaps are detected and flagged.

Find out instantly.

Create email notifications or in-app alerts to notify you every time new overlaps are identified.

Total control of your data.

Avoid false positives by only comparing data segments matching certain products, regions, sales reps, and more. Configure these rules on a partner-by-partner basis.

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