Revenue leaders, Ecosystem is Everything.

Pavilion CRO Summit
June 8th, 2023

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What to expect

Visit Crossbeam’s booth to get:

One on One consulting on your ecosystem.

Exclusive white ELG Tees – the FIRST EMEA print run! Perfect for under a sharp blazer.

The chance to win CUSTOM sneakers.

Catch our Session

Dimitar Stanimiroff, VP of EMEA

Catch Crossbeam’s VP of EMEA, Dimitar Stanimiroff on a panel about Ecosystem Led Growth.

Dimitar is Vice President & General Manager EMEA at Crossbeam – the world’s leading partner ecosystem platform, helping companies accelerate their growth by increasing deal velocity, ACV and win rates.

Prior to joining Crossbeam, he served as General Manager EMEA at Handshake, CEO & co-founder of Heresy, MD EMEA at Stack Overflow, and co-founder of WePow – one of the pioneers in asynchronous video interviewing (acquired by OutMatch).

Session: Fueling Results with  Ecosystem-Led Growth
Time: 13:00 – 13:30

Who you’ll meet

The Crossbeam Team

Our mascot, PAM, lives in the US, but these fine Crossbeam Team members will be there!

Dimitar Stanimiroff, VP & GM of EMEA, London-based

Megan Gubler, London-based Account Executive