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Crossbeam’s account mapping features changed the partnership game for Sendoso. Now they can bring on new partners and better manage existing ones, all while spending far less time in the weeds.

About Sendoso

Sendoso sources, warehouses, and manages your company swag, customer gifts, mailers and more, and gives you instant access to send with a click of a button or automatically.

Partnerships are a key element of Sendoso’s world, but account mapping was taking up a significant portion of their time — Crossbeam changed that, cutting that time down to almost nothing.

Carina Shahin Partner Specialist

Meet Carina

As the founding member of Sendoso’s Partner Team, Carina knows how important it is to spend time on the most impactful things: building valuable relationships, making the most of existing partnerships, and strengthening new ones. Unfortunately, Carina found that she was spending most of her time going back and forth with her partners to map their overlapping accounts — trading spreadsheets, running vlookups, and tediously matching accounts line by line. By the time she was done, it was usually time to do it all over again just to keep the data fresh.

Sendoso & Crossbeam

When Carina saw her first demo of Crossbeam, she knew it was exactly the tool that could solve her account mapping woes. In a few clicks, she and her top partners had connected their CRM systems, and Crossbeam was doing the account mapping for them. Crossbeam kept their data up-to-date and discovered 14 new partner-influenced opportunities in just the first 16 days of the quarter.

"I used to spend 50% of my time just mapping accounts — now I spend one hour every Tuesday reviewing Crossbeam and I’m set."
"Crossbeam has single-handedly allowed us to scale our partner program in ways we couldn’t have before."

Their new and improved account mapping capabilities has helped Sendoso become a better partner to others as well: Now Carina can identify potentially beneficial accounts for their partners and offer to help before they even ask, strengthening the partner relationship and creating better outcomes for all.

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