“If you want to entertain partnering with us, it’s a prerequisite to use Crossbeam.”

Michael Schulman
Director, Global Channels & Alliances

Kustomer is a customer service CRM platform for managing high support volume effortlessly.

Using Crossbeam, Kustomer has:

  • Shortened its vetting process from weeks to days
  • Added an estimated 15% to its pipeline

Bottom line: For its channel program, Crossbeam has enabled this thriving SaaS company to vet partners faster than ever, enabling a rapid expansion of pipeline. Crossbeam is now part of Kustomer’s standard partner onboarding process. And thanks to our strong commitment to privacy and security, reinforced by documentation such as our SOC 2 Type II report, Crossbeam passed vigorous security requirements that other platforms could not.

Michael Schulman Director, Global Channels & Alliances

Meet Mike

Mike is responsible for driving top-of-the-funnel pipeline for his sales team through Kustomer's extensive ecosystem of channel partners.

How Mike uses Crossbeam

Separating the Pretenders From the Partners

“In the old world, someone could easily misrepresent the number of customers we had in common. But Crossbeam lets us both figure out if that’s true for zero cost. Now we can connect on Crossbeam and action it. I don’t need to waste weeks gathering data on a partner that we don’t have a future with.”

Filling Top of Funnel Pipeline

“After mapping shared prospects in Crossbeam for free, we can get our AEs together and build that ‘better together’ story. We use Crossbeam every day to get intros, share intel, and co-sell. There’s a good 15% uplift in our pipeline as a result of Crossbeam.”

Get Warm Intros Into Target Accounts

“Crossbeam lets me know who can help me with a deal. If I’m trying to get into a certain company, I just look at Crossbeam to see who can help me. Technology partner managers often know the tech stack of their prospects, but channel partner managers couldn’t do that until Crossbeam. It allows me to create a tremendous value proposition.”

Passing Security Reviews

“Whenever we looked at other platforms my security team said no. If you don’t have the security credentials of Crossbeam, you have no chance.”

“Crossbeam lets me take a process that manually took weeks and gets it down in 30 seconds. It’s a core function of how we interact with partners every day.”

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