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Case Study - Heap | Product & Web Analytics

Originally brought on for account mapping, Crossbeam turned out to be a Swiss Army knife for Heap’s partnership program, allowing the small team to provide valuable intelligence to marketing, unblock late-stage deals, prioritize partner integrations, and more.

About Heap

Heap automatically captures every web, mobile, and cloud interaction: clicks, submits, transactions, emails, and more, allowing companies to retroactively analyze data without writing code.

Like many partner organizations, the partner team at Heap supports the greater business by driving pipeline and sales through partnerships — so when the use of Crossbeam helped create new opportunities and increased the velocity of deals already in motion, they knew they had found a valuable tool.

Zac Fuld Partnerships Manager, Technology

Meet Zac

Brought on as the second member of the Heap partner team, Zac runs all aspects of their technology partnerships program. His work spans the entire partnership lifecycle with a focus on building referral channels through their technology partner network.

On an average day, Zac creates and executes go-to-market plans with partners, identifies customer overlap and greenfield opportunities through account mapping, and helps the product team identify and prioritize new integrations. But when you’re growing as fast as Heap, a day isn’t enough time, especially when your goals are as high as Zac’s. That’s where Crossbeam comes in.

Heap & Crossbeam

After using Crossbeam for account mapping, Zac knew there was more potential in the platform — and found it when he started using it to help out his sales, product, and marketing teams too. When sales needs help pushing a late-stage deal over the finish line, Crossbeam lets Zac immediately connect his reps with a partner rep who can help. When product wants to understand which tech integration to focus on building next, Crossbeam provides the overlap between tech partners and Heap's strategic accounts to quickly inform feature prioritization. And when marketing wants to know which partner technology integrations to use in messaging to high priority targets, Crossbeam builds a tech stack profile on-demand.

"Using Crossbeam to understand just one of the partner technologies our target accounts were using generated three net new opportunities in less than a week — we never had this information before."
"This removed most of the manual back and forth between our partners and me — our data sharing is secure and accurate, and our time to market is much faster now."

Crossbeam is now a staple of how Zac manages Heap’s partner program. He’s looking forward to getting even more value out of his existing use cases each quarter, as well as continuing to find new, innovative ways to take advantage of what the platform has to offer.

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