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Case Study - Guru | Knowledge Network

Crossbeam’s fast, easy onboarding process got Guru up and running without burdening Revenue Operations.

About Guru

Guru is a knowledge management network that unifies your organization’s collective knowledge, verifies its accuracy and empowers your customer facing teams. With Guru, the knowledge you need to do your job finds you - when and where you need it most. With the recent investments in their Ecosystem strategy to drive technology partnerships, implementing Crossbeam was the ideal, complimentary app to help identify viable technology partners.

Sarah Noderer Senior Director of Revenue Operations

Meet Sarah

As Senior Director of Revenue Ops for Guru, Sarah Noderer knows what it’s like to operate in a high-growth environment where every team member is juggling important responsibilities. Part of her job is onboarding new technology tools, many of which require integrations to Salesforce and other SaaS platforms.

One of Sarah’s stakeholders is the Guru Ecosystem + Business Development team. This group accelerates growth through channel sales, partner marketing efforts, and technology integrations.

Guru & Crossbeam

Crossbeam was introduced at Guru as a way to increase collaboration with their rapidly growing ecosystem. Sarah knew that once she connected Guru’s Salesforce org to Crossbeam, her team could use partner insights to identify new leads, accelerate deals in their pipeline, and grow existing accounts. But first, she had to establish the Salesforce-to-Crossbeam integration.

Based on Sarah’s operations and system administration responsibilities, her team was put in charge of Guru’s implementation with Crossbeam. Having used many SaaS tools, she knew that this could potentially be a tall order. Thankfully, it was a breeze.

"Implementing Crossbeam was fast and seamless."
"With just a few clicks, we had data flowing into Crossbeam and high confidence that it was the right information with the right settings."

Once data was connected, Crossbeam’s automated onboarding made the rest of the process quick and painless. Sarah’s efforts enabled the Business Development team to:

  • Create population segments within her data
  • Connect with key partners
  • Share a curated set of data points through an intuitive user interface

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