"I mention Crossbeam to everyone. I get them on a screen share and they all react by saying 'Oh my god, I need this!'"

Chris Formosa
Technology Partnerships Advocate

FullStory tells you everything you need to know about your digital experience—so you can pinpoint when, where, and how user struggle is affecting your revenue and retention.

Using Crossbeam, FullStory has:

  • Quickly vetted new partnership opportunities
  • Filled their AE's pipeline
  • Spent more time in front of partners, less time in spreadsheets

Bottom line: This fast-growing company can now quickly vet and onboard new and potential partners, saving valuable time in the early days of building its partner ecosystem.

Chris Formosa Technology Partnerships Advocate

Meet Chris

Chris is responsible for managing and growing FullStory's technology partnerships ecosystem.

How Chris Uses Crossbeam

Vetting Possible Partnerships

"Uncovering the amount of customer overlap we have with a potential partner is an incredibly important data-point in prioritizing which integrations we build vs our partners build. We only have so many resources, so Crossbeam helps us keep our product team focused on the most impactful integrations for our partners and customers."

Getting Warm Intros for AEs

"Using Crossbeam, I look at our target accounts and active opportunities that overlap with our partners' customers. In some cases, we find out we're in different departments at the same company. We can then swap AE intros and effectively double our accounts. I've been using Crossbeam for a few months and have already provided my AEs with 40-50 intros—many resulting in new partner-sourced opportunities."

Bi-weekly Account Swaps

"I run a report to show accounts where the partner's AE overlaps with one or two of our AEs. We leverage this report in our bi-weekly account swap calls where we can give them 5 intros and they give us 5 intros. It takes us less than 30 minutes and sometimes we can swap as many as 12 new accounts in one call."

Saving time. Lots of it.

"We have nearly 5,000 customers. To manually cross-reference another company's list with ours is nearly impossible; especially when our opportunity pipeline and customer lists are constantly changing. With Crossbeam I do it once and its always up to date. The time saving is exponential, I'm able to do way more now than ever before."

"Selling my team on Crossbeam was easy. I just said, 'Do you want me spending my time in spreadsheets or do you want me spending my time in front of partners?"

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