“In just a few months, Crossbeam helped us close 14 deals worth nearly $500K.”

Matthew Zanardi
Partner Development Manager

Dialpad supports your modern mobile workers by moving your phone system, video conferencing, and call center to the cloud. Work from anywhere and let AI make every call a smarter call.

Using Crossbeam, Dialpad has:

  • Closed more than $500K in partner-influenced deals.
  • Discovered 85+ new opportunities.
  • Quickly vetted incoming partner requests.

Bottom line: Dialpad added Crossbeam to its existing workflows and quickly was able to source new deals, fill their partner sales pipeline, and better manage their resources.

Matthew Zanardi Partner Development Manager

Meet Matthew

Matthew is Dialpad’s partner development manager responsible for growing its technology integration ecosystem.

How Matthew Uses Crossbeam

Driving Partner-Influenced Revenue

"In just a few months, we've closed joint deals worth nearly $500K because of Crossbeam. We've also identified more than 85 new opportunities. AEs are now proactively coming to me and asking how they can get in on the action."

Running a Best-In-Class Partner Program

"Building mutually beneficial partnerships in B2B software can be challenging. To get buy-in and build momentum with other companies, we have to prove joint value, be extremely targeted and organized, and simultaneously manage multiple opportunities in different stages of the sales cycle. Crossbeam helps us to do just that with every opportunity by surfacing the relevant overlap and account owner data we need."

Receiving Support For His Partner Workflow

"Crossbeam is extremely responsive to questions, requests, and feedback. Their support gets a big thumbs up from me."

Account Mapping and Vetting Integrations

"Crossbeam has been instrumental in helping our team better prioritize integrations because we can instantly see joint customers and mutual opportunities. Partners either share data in Crossbeam or, if they're not on Crossbeam, send me a spreadsheet that I can easily upload. What used to typically take a few days because we needed assistance from Sales Ops, now only takes a few minutes."

"I don’t know how I would be able to do my job without Crossbeam."

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