"I tell my partners, I'm not making any more Google Docs. Get your ass on Crossbeam."

Richard Bernstein
Head of Partnerships

Chorus is a Conversation Intelligence Platform that unlocks hidden insights from customer conversations that close deals. Chorus focuses on deals to ensure that you analyze conversations, on-board, and coach reps more effectively.

Using Crossbeam, Chorus has:

  • Slashed time spent on Account Mapping from days to hours
  • Used Crossbeam data to know exactly which partner events to sponsor and attend
  • Secured engineering resources for successful tech integrations based on potential ROI for customers and prospects

Bottom line: Crossbeam enables this one-person partnership division to do the work (and drive the results) of a much, much larger team.

Richard Bernstein Head of Partnerships

Meet Richard

As the Head of Partnerships, Richard is responsible for Chorus’ entire partner program. After being invited to Crossbeam by one of his partners, he quickly started taking advantage of Crossbeam's functionality.

How Richard Uses Crossbeam

Easy Co-Selling Motions

“My partner will say ‘Hey one of your target accounts is one of my customers. Here’s one of your target accounts that’s one of our customers.’ It’s now easy to do a quid pro quo. I introduce the reps and they are off to the races. It’s so much easier to identify with Crossbeam.”

Faster-Than-Ever Account Mapping

“Nothing against Google Docs, but it took way too much effort to map against our partners and it became obsolete within three months. Crossbeam is so much simpler and it’s not static like a spreadsheet.”

Strategic Product Roadmaps

“Deciding where to invest engineering resources is always a challenge. With Crossbeam, we can prioritize partner integrations with a focus on how many customers and prospects will benefit.”

Better Field Marketing ROI

“Our events strategy is much smarter with Crossbeam. I use it to see which events are likely to have more customers or opportunities to allocate my sponsorship dollars—as well as knowing where to send my team.”

Richard is using Crossbeam to have the impact of a much larger team. Using the overlaps revealed by Crossbeam, Richard is able to set several referral programs in motion at once, key for a company that is just beginning to build its partner ecosystem.

"Crossbeam helps me prioritize which partners are the most valuable and how to make the most impact with my limited time."

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