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Your Slack Connect Channels: Now Powered by Crossbeam

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You need your ecosystem data where it’s most useful for you and your team.

And these days, that means Slack.


That’s why we’ve updated Crossbeam for Slack to take advantage of the brand new just-announced-today Slack Connect functionality. Slack Connect enables you to create channels with Slack users not in your company. For partnership professionals, it means your partnership data can now be in the place where you and your partners communicate the most.

Install the Crossbeam for Slack App here.

With the updated Crossbeam for Slack, you can now…

Share partnership insights both internally and externally for the first time. Surface Crossbeam data in the internal channels with your sales team as well as the external channels with your partners. Skip the spreadsheet and dozens of emails and just 👏get 👏 moving 👏.3_-_Other

Conduct instant account mapping. Use the “/crossbeam” command to search among your overlaps, get the lay of the land, and start generating partner-influenced pipeline.


Seize on new opportunities right away. Get alerts the moment there are new overlaps and get them in front of your AEs and your partners in real-time. 


To get started, make sure you have a free or paid Crossbeam account and then install Crossbeam for Slack on the Slack app directory. If you’re an existing Crossbeam for Slack user, you will be notified of the update in Slack. 

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