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Video: How to Modernize Your Partner Program

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Running your channel sales program through in-person meetings and out of date spreadsheets? Allow us to make your life much, much easier.

In this webinar recording, Crossbeam CEO Bob Moore and Allbound CEO Daniel Graff-Radford walk through what a modern channel sales workflow looks like. In a half-hour, learn what an up-to-date workflow looks like and see the tools you can use to avoid channel conflict and scale your partner program.

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– Introductions

1:23 – How channel sales used to be in “The Steak Dinner era”

2:48 – The last decade and how SaaS is enabling new workflows

6:05 – The modern deal flow and how to find where to best spend your time using Crossbeam and Allbound

8:36 – Using Crossbeam to break silos between partners, avoid channel conflict, easily map your accounts, and securely share CRM data

11:16 – Using Allbound to action overlaps and communicate next steps to partners (i.e. How to market, how to sell, and registering the deal)

14:09 – The future of partner management, how Crossbeam keeps your data up to date and allows you to analyze which partners are worthy of your energy

17:20 – After the deal completes, use Crossbeam to feed your data right back into the workflow for the next sales cycle


19:55 – What sort of metrics should we prioritize for the channel ecosystem?

22:42 – Do Allbound and Crossbeam provide their services with a joint contract?

23:47 – For Crossbeam: Have you seen pushback from partners about sharing all of their data? Answer: You have a lot of control over what gets revealed. (link to help doc)

25:32 – For Allbound: How do you encourage partners to use the portal?

28:11 – Do SaaS organizations need to use Salesforce and Allbound?

30:38 – What do you think will be the future of managing the channel? 

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