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Democratize Partner Insights with Crossbeam’s Chrome Extension

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Your sales team is growing curious about how partners can help them break into their most strategic accounts — but when you’re fielding requests from multiple sales reps, it’s time consuming to chase down partner data on their behalf. At the same time, you know they don’t need another tool in their tech stack. 

Announcing the newest addition to your revenue growth kit: Crossbeam’s Account Mapping Chrome extension. 

Now, your sales reps can access partner overlap data while browsing a prospect’s website in Chrome. No need for them to check Crossbeam, dig through spreadsheets, or DM you in Slack to get partner intel. They’ll get notified if there’s an opportunity to engage a partner in a particular target account while prospecting. Then, they can reach out to their sales counterpart at the partner company for an intro into the account or reach out to you for next steps. 

How Crossbeam’s Free Account Mapping Chrome Extension Works

To get started, have your sales rep download Crossbeam’s Account Mapping Chrome extension and make sure they’re logged in to Crossbeam (or they can create a free Crossbeam account here).

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Alert Your Sales Reps About Partners Who Can Assist Them With a Given Account
As your sales reps are browsing a prospect’s website in Chrome, they’ll get notified if the corresponding account overlaps with a partner’s account.


Your sales rep can discover overlaps with your partners’ prospects, customers, opportunities, or leads from Crossbeam. From there, they can decide which action to take.



Spin Up a Thread With a Partner To Accelerate Next Steps
Via the Chrome extension, your sales rep can navigate to Crossbeam to start a thread with a partner to:

  • Request a warm intro into the account
  • Strategize co-selling motions with the partner or their sales counterpart 
  • Get inside info about an account’s key decision makers and procurement process

For more information, visit our help center.

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